The company MASTPOL Sp. z o. o. Sp. k. specializes in the production of a wide range of stainless steel and aluminum products. Almost 90% of the production is targeted at the yachting industry. The remaining 10% is atypical production. We possess our own, fully organized logistics and transportation services which allow us to supply our customers in almost every corner of the Europe.


The company was founded in April 1987 as a service and production locksmith plant, whose basic assumption was the production of all kinds of yacht fittings. The years 1987 - 1990 confirmed the great demand for yacht accessories on the domestic and foreign markets. This time allowed for the establishment of the company's headquarters in Kosakowo (15 km from the center of Gdynia). During this period, the name of the company was changed from 'Zakład Ślusarski' to MASTPOL Osprzęt Jachtowy and the company's logo was adopted - a stylized image of a two-masted yacht.

The beginning of the 90s was the period of building production halls, purchasing machines and devices for metal processing and selecting the appropriate, highly qualified staff. The first recipients of the company's products were small domestic yacht-building plants and individual sailors. Continuous expenditure on the purchase of new technologies and increasing the qualifications of employees resulted in a higher quality of products and thus increased the group of recipients. Year by year, employment and the company's turnover increase by an average of approx. 15% - 25%.

At present, the company owns 5000m² of production space and employs an average of 100 employees. The main recipients of the company's products are large, Western European yacht yards. As the company is constantly expanding its production capabilities and expanding its machinery park, it has recently launched new branches of production, such as: structural elements of industrial buildings, shop and home furniture, electromagnetic locks and components to healthcare / cosmetology devices.


On 01.10.2015, the company MASTPOL Osprzęt Jachtowy changed its legal form to a Limited Liability Company.

2015.05 | Mastpol Company Tour

2015.05 | Mastpol Company Tour

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