BRUKER spectrometer , model S1 SORTER is a device measuring the chemical composition (from Mg-magnesium to U-Uranium) of a wide range of material types, i.e. metals, plastic, sediments, soil.
In the form of a pistol and with the use of a penetrating
X-RAY beam , quickly
and precisely scans the selected raw material, presenting the results on the
LCD touch screen . All this thanks to the extraordinary, modern SDD technology
(Silicon Drift Detector - Silicon Microstrip Detector). It is worth mentioning that this device was designed in cooperation with NASA engineers .


The TQC type salt chamber, model VF7705, is a fully reliable tool that enables the ACCELERATED ANTI-CORROSION TEST on the raw materials supplied to MASTPOL. The test is based on placing a sample of the raw material in the chamber and subjecting it to the action of the so-called "SALT FOG" , simulating sea conditions. 1H TEST = 100 DAYS IN SEA CONDITIONS . Thanks to this technology, you can quickly and easily protect yourself against defective material, even at the stage of its delivery.


SIC brand marking machine type E9-P62 is a portable device that allows to MARKING PRODUCTS . In the form of a pistol and with the use of PNEUMATIC ENGRAVING TECHNOLOGY , it punches individual characters on the surface of the product, set by the operator through a graphic controller. A WIDE RANGE OF MATERIALS , from plastic to hardened steel, is an additional advantage for the use of this technology. Thanks to this system, our products will not be confused with competitors' products.